Adding control styles to your LightSwitch theme extension (Part 2: full sample).

Day 36 of the new era and, after taking a couple of days off, I’m back and all ready to go.  First job, obviously, was to check my preferred social media network for any new #Lightswitch messages.

The first one of interest, posted six days ago, brought the amazing news from Steve Hoag, that the LightSwitch team decided to post the source of their LightSwitch Metro theme!  If you haven’t downloaded it already (what’s your excuse?), then here’s my quick summary on how this affects us, LightSwitch hackers…

  • First of all, another big thank you is in place, to the LightSwitch team.  Not only for LightSwitch itself, or the extensions, or the source code posted, but also for constantly proving to our small but rapidly growing LightSwitch community that they truly believe in this product and continuously put effort into making the product better.
  • Next up: damn.  Instead of some good documentation, they gave us something better.  A complete, working sample, of an awesome LightSwitch theme extension.  This does kind of imply that the “Adding control styles to your LightSwitch theme extension” series I was preparing, is now kind of useless…
  • However: the entire metro style theme does prove my point that a theme extension is SO much more powerful than any shell extension.
  • And: the sources also reveal what the documentation failed to mention: IThemeExtension is the way to go if you want to add control styles to your theme…
In conclusion: if you truly want to learn how to create an awesome theme extension, follow the walkthrough, download the Metro theme extension sources, and start hacking away…
And as far as my “Adding control styles to your LightSwitch theme extension” series is concerned… Well don’t count me out yet.  I still have some tricks up my sleeve that will blow your mind, but I do need some time to work on the samples…

2 thoughts on “Adding control styles to your LightSwitch theme extension (Part 2: full sample).

  1. Another good post. Like part 1, I think the KEY here is IThemeExtension, which is not mentioned in Microsoft’s walkthrough or in the metro theme code update page. Also, currently you need to add IThemeExtension manually. This distinction between ITheme and IThemeExtension is easily overlooked if not paying attention.
    That’s why I have to say part 1,2 of this topic did a great job of pointing out the inner works of the extension mechanism. Cann’t wait for your samples…

    • Again you strike me with such positive feedback, thank you very much!
      The samples are coming slow but steady, actually playing around with valueconvertors at the moments… So much LightSwitch territory yet to discover, so little time…

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