Extensions made easy: source code published

Belofte maakt schuld, as us Belgians would say, “promise is a promise”: I finally cleaned up the source code to the ExtensionsMadeEasy extension.

You can find the sources for the extension (including the API) on CodePlex, and clicking on the Source Code tab.   Please don’t post urgent questions in the CodePlex page, I will not be checking it on a regular base!

There’s really not much source code, small is beautiful.

There’s no comments in the code.  It was hard to write, it should be hard to understand.  (Obviously, it was easy to write, I will add source code comments and a blog post explaining the solution in detail when I find some time!)

Have fun, don’t be too hard on me and feel free to contact me using the comment section below or on Twitter (@janvanderhaegen) with all your requests, suggestions, …



9 thoughts on “Extensions made easy: source code published

    • Bad news: I wish there was, but I don’t know of any easy ways (and believe you me, I’ve searched and experimented quite a bit!!!)
      Good news: I actually did create a working sample for a couple of controls that can be styled at runtime, but I need at least a couple of weeks before it’s anywhere near blog-ready… 😦

  1. I read in forum said, through a custom Shell, this can be done (theoretically at least). Having hope in you, someday I believe you may achieve this! 🙂

    • The only ways I found working are either:
      a) have the user restart the application (unworkable & slow approach IMHO)
      b) design the entire theme around it… (and that will take a while)
      I would be very interested if someone found another approach though. Do you have the link to that forum post?

    • Justin Anderson (Microsoft MSFT) said:
      Users will not be able to change the theme (a LightSwitch theme) of the application. LightSwitch themes are chosen by the developer during development. But I’m sure if a shell author want to get creative, a shell can provide their own customizability (not just limited to theming) at runtime by the end user.

      But as Cromanty suggested, please do add this as a suggested feature on Connect.

      Justin Anderson, LightSwitch Development Team
      Proposed As Answer byJustin AndersonMicrosoft EmployeeTuesday, August 16, 2011 8:25 AM
      Marked As Answer byBeth MassiMicrosoft Employee, OwnerWednesday, August 17, 2011 10:10 PM


      Challenge accepted.

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