Extensions made easy needs your help…

In life, there are blog readers and blog writers…  No wait, wrong intro, try this in another article…

Hey guys and guls!

Back from the death once again, I post today to ask for your help.

I have been going trough some really rough times this year, and as a result my body was left so weakened that a stupid bacteria, one of the smallest living organisms on this planet, kept all 17 stones of my body in bed for over 3 weeks.  I have been and will be taking some time to reorganize my life, working towards being “the person I want to be”, with a healthier balance of love, work, play, and personal growth but meanwhile slacked in my blogging once again, for which I must apologize.  Thanks to all that pinged me to see if I was doing ok, I really do appreciate it.

The truth is however that even though I haven’t been actively blogging about LightSwitch, I have not stopped my LightSwitch dreams nor my LightSwitch development.

On the one hand I have been preparing some legal matters to found my own company (which I will work for besides my day job at Centric), which will be the first company in the world (to my knowledge) to do LightSwitch B2B bespoke development exclusively.  Yaaay for me, this should take at least a decade of my expected retirement age, especially considering the new government we have in Belgium.

On the other hand, I have been coding like a Duracell bunny on XTC…

  • Extensions made Easy version 1.6 is ready and tested, offering a minor but not insignificant change that enables the developer to choose which dispatcher the EasyCommands run on.  After a small blog post, this version will never get published because…
  • Extensions Made Easy version 1.7 is ready and tested.  This version has an important bugfix that blocked custom shell development because the shells that were exported failed to find their IShellViewModel implementations.  This version will be published later this week with an accompanying blog post on “how LightSwitch uses MEF”.
  • Extendsions Made Easy version 2.0 is close to being ready.  This version is almost 20.000 lines of xaml and c# code heavier than the 1.x versions, offering a new theme called a “DynamicTheme”, a first step into skinning your LightSwitch application, which combines all of the techniques described earlier on the blog with some new techniques, and allows a developer to create and modify a theme at runtime…  I aim to have this first part ready and published by late januari, in time for the RADrace on februari 2nd, after which I aim to tackle the second part of skinning: shells…

To finish the v2.0, I would require some help in two different areas.  Firstly, I’m good developer but a crappy designer, yet I would be excited to release EME v2.0 with a different logo then my current (GR)Avatar, a poor men’s choice that came with a hasty first release.  If there’s anyone out there with some time to spare and some decent designer skills, give me a shout!  Secondly, it would be nice if someone would be interested in becoming my partner in crime, meaning: discussing some UX ideas with me and help me to test the 2.0 version.  Since this is an open source project (crap, which reminds me – the sources published on CodeProject haven’t been updated since v1.0…) I cannot offer any money for your time, only eternal fame and glory in the form of credit where credit is due, as well as the promise of 21 extra virgins in the Valhalla, if such would be within my power at that time…

Feel free to give me a shout, tweet or comment if you are interested, meanwhile, enjoy this “easy to digest, monday morning article” I prepared over the weekend on why LightSwitch is NOT a Rapid Application Development tool…


10 thoughts on “Extensions made easy needs your help…

  1. Hi Jan,

    U can count me on both. Neither a fulltime programmer/designer, all I have is some time to spare. And more than being ‘partner’, I would like to learn from expert like you.

    • Hey Bala,
      thanks for volunteering!
      I’m cleaning up a bit (long overdue on cleaning up the blog, replying to comments, …) and will mail you after! I’m looking forward to this new-found partnership!

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  3. Hey nice to know that you keep rockin LS! cant wait to try new version of EME, unfortunately my daily job is not computer programming (and therefore i also neglect lightswitch itself), and my level of knowledge is pretty low for things that you try to do, so i can offer you a nice pat on the back and wishes for success.. and for powerbala also!
    cheers guys!

    • Hey Kivito,
      comments like yours truly inspire me to move along and spend time on sharing the goodness that is LightSwitch! A good pat on the back sometimes really is all that a man needs!
      Thanks mate!

  4. Jan, sorry to hear about your illness. in your post you stated “I have been preparing some legal matters to found my own company (which I will work for besides my day job at Centric), which will be the first company in the world (to my knowledge) to do LightSwitch B2B bespoke development exclusively. Yaaay for me, this should take at least a decade of my expected retirement age, especially considering the new government we have in Belgium.”

    We are doing the same thing here. I gave a short overview in a thread with William and Garth.


    I would like to talk shop sometime, if you feel up to it.


    • Hey JL!

      Yea I have been really ill for a little over three weeks, but feeling better and ready to do some LightSwitch rocking this year!
      I read the discussion (and found it most interesting and appealing), however I’m not starting my business until april 2nd (prior engagements unfortunately…).
      Would you mind if I kept your offer on-hold for a little while longer?

      • Jan, glad to hear you are feeling better. I would be happy to talk, feel free to contact me whenever you are able. I will be going to Germany on vacation around mid April so I may be a little slower to reapond around that time.


  5. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Many thanks, However I am experiencing problems with your RSS.
    I don’t understand the reason why I cannot join it.
    Is therre anybody else getting the same RSS issues? Anyone
    who knoas the anseer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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