Extensions made easy: Change log

Since all major players in the software industry seem to do this versioning thingie, I thought I might appear more professional if I did my own…  Maybe best, would forget all of this anyways.


First release of Extensions Made Easy.

Added some documentation, for some reason I thought my blog was a good place to put that, might as well keep that habit.

Added EasyTheme and EasyShell to speed up the development of LightSwitch extensions.

V1.1 – 1.4

Minor bugfixes in the EasyTheme and EasyShell.  Mostly made while being drunk, that’s why it took me 4 versions to get it right and why I can’t remember the exact bugs.


Added CommandExporters to allow avoid this.


Added an overloaded constructor for CommandExporters to force them to run on the main dispatcher, needed this myself for future extension plans…


Finally got rid of the MEF bug when using the EasyTheme or EasyShell.


Implemented IsEnabled property on the CommandExporters

Created the worlds ugliest piece of code to fix a bug where EasyCommands would not show an image when disable.  They are properly grayed out now.


Made a small (breaking) change to the API of Easy Commands, so it uses an enum instead of a boolean for readability.


Added a simple navigation model.

Added a deep linking implementation, that uses the simple navigation model.

Added base classes NotifyPropertyChangedBase and CodeExecuterHook, added extension class ServiceProxyExtension.


Fixed numerous small issues with the navigation model (one ugly hack remains at the time).

Added “UseSmallImage” and allowed user sorting on the EasyCommands.

Refactored EasyCommandExporter to use just one constructor but with a lot of optional parameters.

Got rid of the nasty workaround with the IsEnabled property.

Implemented caching, performs a lot better in the long run now.

Fixed the bug where logos wouldn’t appear on the commands.

Exposed the “IEasyCommandExporter” as a public property on the “EasyCommand”, on specific request.


Finally added VS11 as a target for the VSIX, EME is now compatible with LightSwitch 1.0 and 2.0 projects.

Added support to navigate to an entity in the NavigationModel (thanks to Paul Van Bladel)

Added a deeplink handler for entities (http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/lightswitch/thread/e5343e13-2ea9-4976-97d9-4b76b82bb8a0)

Started on fuzzy search POC

2 thoughts on “Extensions made easy: Change log

  1. Hi Jan,

    I don’t know if it’s to late to ask for this but right now i’m upgrading a LS Silverlight in browser app from VS2012 to VS2013 and EME is a really important extension for my app.

    I was trying to find an EME extension for VS2013 without luck and I was trying to upgrade it by myself but I just can’t.

    So I have 3 simple questions (I hope):

    Do you have any EME version for VS2013? If you don’t, do you have any plans for upgrade it?
    Do you know if with VS2013 community I can create or modify extensions like EME?

    Thanks… like you said before: Keep rocking LS.


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