Centric RAD race: may the better technology win…

One thing I’ll gladly share about Centric, the company that currently employs me, is that the people who work here are filled with energy and passion for IT.

What started off as an email from one consultant to myself, with some rather simple, conceptual questions about LightSwitch, grew within hours into an international RAD-race.

On February 3rd, teams from 3 different countries (Belgium, The Netherlands & Romania) will be competing to prove that their favorite technology is the better all-round RAD technology around, gaining nothing else than honor, glory, and a rather nice amount of extra training budget this year.

It’s not surprising that I will be joining in my favorite technology…

However, it might be a bit surprising to know that I’m joining the race with just one other team member (Pieter De Vidts, .NET technical lead in our scrum team), who has never used LightSwitch before – professionally nor personally…

Hoping to win against veteran teams with a technology that’s less than 6 months old (and an equal amount of experience with that technology in our team) would be a very optimistic but unrealistic expectation, but we will unleash as much LightSwitch power as we can, maybe even convert some non-believers in the process.

Whatever our final score, it’s bound to be a fun night, spending a bit of time among colleagues, coding with passion, and enjoying the free beer and pizza…

10 thoughts on “Centric RAD race: may the better technology win…

    • Hey Kivito,

      WordPress sends me an email each time someone posts a comment, so I did see your “feature request” on the UseSmallImage property as soon as you posted it 

      I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you earlier, but Sunday is family day (my wife would beat me if I did any LightSwitch on Sundays ) and on Monday I really intended to implement it but… I continued working on an entry for the LightSwitch CodeProject CodeStart contest, and lost track of time… LightSwitch is so addictive lol.

      Ah well, better to lose yourself in your passion than to lose your passion at all…

      I’ll update EME tonight and push it to the MSDN gallery. Let me know if it works for you, I’ll blog about it a bit later this week then… (Yes I’m abusing you as a Bèta-tester hehe)

  1. Jan, my vote (if there is one to be had) rests with you and LightSwitch. I am however very interested in any other frameworks that can match the RADness of LS butI would be surprised if there is something that matches in performance to build and richness in functionality. Since we started playing around with LS, we have yet to hit the wall on capabilities. Good luck with your contest!

    • Hey John!
      I’m quite sure there’s other frameworks that come near the speed of LightSwitch when it comes to simple CRUD applications, but I think LightSwitch will crush them all when it comes to the more “difficult” assignments, such as custom controls, connection to SharePoint, …
      We’ll know after the race 😀

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    • Thanks, but I’m not afraid of you 😉 It’s “that team that needs a database server” that worries me… I mean… They’ll use advanced features such as a database… LOL

      Anyways, thanks for real, good luck to you too my friend! I really hope both our teams score high, but in worst case we’ll walk out of there filled with free pizza and beer 😉

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