Extensions Made Easy: UseSmallImage and custom ordering.

Hey guys,

I’m terribly tired, but before hitting my bed I wanted to let you know that EME 1.11.3 is ready, tested, checked in, tested again and published.

The most notable change is that I refactored the EasyCommandExporter a wee bit.  It only contains one constructor from now on (I introduced a second a while ago for some Dispatcher finetuning), which contains some  mandatory and some optional parameters:

public EasyCommandExporter(
  string displayName,
  string description,
  string groupName,
  Uri imageUri,
  Dispatcher dispatcher = Dispatcher.PreferCurrentActiveScreen, //Refactored: overloaded ctor -> optional parameter
  bool useSmallImage = false, //New optional parameter
  string prefixUsedForSortingWithinGroup = "" //New optional parameter


Set it to true to use a “small” image for your command.  Thanks, Kivito, for teaching me about this (I completely missed it).  You can vertically stack 3 “small” commands in your ribbon for each “normal” command.


By default, the EME framework sorted your EasyCommands by DisplayName to accomplish consistent ordering.

As falkao indicated, a developer might want to take control of the order in which the commands should be shown.  I played around with it a bit and found that:

  • ordering the commands yourself is especially useful when mixing “small” and “normal” commands, so you can choose the “small” commands to stack…
  • a “prefix” string is easier to maintain than a “priority” integer, especially when adding new commands to the middle of your group…

Ergo, vis-a-vis, the EME framework now sorts your EasyCommands by “{PrefixUsedForSortingWithinGroup} – {DisplayName}”.


Time to turn my LightSwitch out for tonight. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Extensions Made Easy: UseSmallImage and custom ordering.

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  2. Great – thanks for this!

    Also, would you mind changing the visibility of the innerCommand property of the EasyCommand wrapper class from private to public so we can get access to our custom EasyCommandExporter descendants directly? I’d like to add metadata to custom commands that can be accessed from within xaml without altering your source code.


    • Hey Robert,
      checked in a version yesterday where I exposed the InnerCommand property. You’ll need to cast it to your own type, ofcourse.
      Let me know if it works and helps for your shell extension? 🙂

      • Thanks, that sounds perfect!

        However, I don’t see it yet in EasyCommand.cs (the last check-in seems to be from January 17). Are the most current files in the CodePlex SVN repository, or is there a delay between the extension gallery and the public source code?

        Thanks again,

      • Delay, caused by my personal laziness 😦
        Well not laziness, working hard on a brand new public extension… 🙂
        Let me know if the current sources work for you!
        Kind regards


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