LightSwitch twitter bot.

Hey guys ‘n guls,

I was reading some sites about LightSwitch yesterday and realized how hard it was to keep track of all the different blogs, articles, code samples, …

Because I’m on Twitter a lot (yes, a LOT), I created a Twitter-bot account (@LightSwitchNews) that monitors interesting LightSwitch-related sources, and tweets if a new blog post is written, a new extension or code sample is added to the gallery, …  The bot is created with “if this then that“, a website with the amazingly simple but effective concept that events on one platform (RSS, WordPress, GMail, GCalendar, whatever) can be configured to trigger an action on any other… (Really interesting, check it out!)

I created this user for my own purpose really (but feel free to follow if you find it interesting, ofcourse), whenever I have some spare time I can just see what the bot has been tweeting and stay updated about what’s going on in the community.  It’s my portal to the LightSwitch community… 😉

If you know any interesting LightSwitch community members, or if you are one and my bot’s not tweeting about you, let me know (@janvanderhaegen) and I’ll add you!

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