MyBizz Portal: The “smallest” LightSwitch application you have ever seen (Thank you!).

Time to get this blog on the road!  My life has known a fun but chaotic couple of weeks, with lots of crazy events and opportunities that you’ll hear about later… First things first, a little thank you is in order…

Only a couple of weeks ago, 10 days before the LightSwitch Star Contest on CodeProject was about to end, I posted a small article that stated:

“This weekend, I’m going to try to allocate most of my time into the submission of “MyBizz Portal”, […] My aim is to rank as high as possible in the category “Most Groundbreaking LightSwitch Application”, with an application that has one screen, a blank shell, the default LightSwitch theme and a single Silverlight Custom UserControl, so probably the smallest LightSwitch application you have ever seen.

I never assumed it to be even remotely possible that I would win any of the prizes, but then a first mail hit my inbox, stating that I won the first prize in the January edition of the contest, rewarding me an awesome bundle of LightSwitch specific software…  Most rewarding day of my life since I lost my virginity…

Until a second mail came… Apparently, not only did the judges like my entry, they liked it enough to award the “Grand Winner in the category Most Groundbreaking LightSwitch Application” label to MyBizz Portal!  I received the awesome Acer laptop this morning, and just finished installing LightSwitch on it…

I’m not ashamed to admit that the personal publicity and recognition, are very rewarding, and I had a smile on my face for the rest of the week after those two mails.  Also, the software licenses and the laptop will provide a nice financial boost to my startup (still on track to open virtual doors on April 2nd).  But perhaps the biggest reward of them all, came in the form of a third mail, from Jay Schmelzer (Principal Diractor Program Manager – VS LightSwitch), asking if I could do an interview with Beth Massi, our LightSwitch goddess

Since I knew she visiting The Netherlands the very next week, it made perfectly good sense to meet up for the interview and talk face-to-face.  Not only was it an honor to meet such a fantastic, charismatic, pragmatic and a little bit lunatic (aren’t we all?) person, she gave me some great real-life tips that will last a life time (such as “The Business doesn’t care”, or “How do you feel about that?” – but these tips deserve a separate blog post)!   Apparently, I left a good impression myself, as she blogged about our encounter in her latest trip report

Beth Massi's blog - my brother always says: "Screenshot or it didn't happen"...

Beth Massi's blog - my brother always says: "Screenshot or it didn't happen"...


So anyways, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart: thank you!

Thank you to Beth for meeting up, and for the amazing adventure, hope we can meet again!

Thank you to the LightSwitch team for the amazing product they have built!

Thank you to CodeProject for their contest, and the sponsors (First Floor Software, RSSBus, ComponentOne, and whoever sponsored the laptop) for the prizes!

And most of all… Thank you, to the LightSwitch community, and my blog readers, all 37 of you,  for being the virtual family that you are!  Without readers, there’s no satisfaction in writing a blog… Without this blog, I wouldn’t have met Beth, or have the crazy opportunities that I have now…  To thank all of you in particular, my next blog post will end with a $799 giveaway, so come back soon!

11 thoughts on “MyBizz Portal: The “smallest” LightSwitch application you have ever seen (Thank you!).

  1. U got ur first success (and a gift) with LS even b4 ur start-up! Congrats Jan! 🙂 🙂

    (Finally we get to see you in a bad light at least 🙂 :))

    • Hey Bala!
      Hah yea, you are right! LightSwitch rocks, and brought so much goodness to my life!
      I really have to do something about “my image”… Even Beth thought that I’d look like a 300 pound whale, because people who hide behind a cartoon instead of a real picture, usually do… :-s
      Keep rocking LS mate!

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    • Hey Dennis!
      Thanks for the kind words!
      Unfortunately, I don’t know anything more than any other LS community member does about the future of LS, but I did hear some gossip that LS vNext might be released sooner than you think…
      A lot sooner… 🙂

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