Monthly LightSwitch column in MSDN Magazine, and other “all things LightSwitch”…

I closed my last post two weeks ago by stating that 

I’ll probably be in the LightSwitch 11 zone during the next 48 hours straight .

Judging by the number of new posts ever since, you might think that I have instead been clustered to my laptop for 14 days straight, not sharing of writing about my LightSwitch experiments with the community, but those of you that know me in person would probably beg sometimes for a way to have me shut my mouth about LightSwitch for more then 5 minutes… I’ve just been more quiet on this blog…

LightSwitch covered in a monthly column in MSDN Magazine.

I’m extremely proud to announce, that MSDN Magazine – the Microsoft Journal for Developers – will soon have its own monthly web column about “all things LightSwitch”, written by yours truly.  As one could expect, the articles will deal with both “what comes out of the LightSwitch box” and “thinking outside the LightSwitch box”; from the looks of the propositions as they are now I’ll be your guide on a LightSwitch flavored tour through Windows Phone 7.5 (“Consuming a LightSwitch OData service from a Windows Phone application”), application building and Metro design style (“Building data centric applications faster than ever with Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 11 beta” and “Taking LightSwitch for a ride on the Metro“),  Azure ACS (“Logging on to a LightSwitch application using a Windows Live ID“) and Windows WorkFlow Foundation (“LightSwitch 11 – coding’s optional“) mashups.

The first post will be published quite soon (and rest assured I’ll make sure you know where to find it), but I wanted to go ahead and thank everyone involved, with a couple of people in particular: Michael Washington (, Michael Desmond and Sharon Terdeman (1105 Media), and Beth Massi (Microsoft).

“My first eBook”.

Working title, by the way. 😉

Another item on my “LightSwitch list of things to do”, is writing on my first eBook.  The kind people at Syncfusion – Deliver Innovation with Ease – have asked me to author an eBook for them about “all things LightSwitch”.  My only request to them was that the eBook will be available for free to the general public, which they immediately and gladly accepted.  The eBook should be written by May 1st, rest assured I’ll make sure you know where to find it!

“The LightSwitch startup”.

Another working title, I’m afraid.

I’ve already mentioned it a couple of times, and on April 2nd it’s finally happening. Besides my fulltime employment at Centric, I’ll be working for my own startup that will do “all things LightSwitch”: LightSwitch evangelism (training, blogging, writing, speaking, …), LightSwitch consulting, building LightSwitch solutions, and LightSwitch extensions.  Actually, my second LightSwitch extension is almost, almost, – really – almost ready to be released in beta, and I promise it will blow your mind!

So anyways, I haven’t been so active on my blog lately, but have instead been playing with LightSwitch 11 beta, and other “all things LightSwitch”.  Did anything fun lately that you’d like to share, got a good name for the eBook or a suggestion for the startup’s name, know that I just love it if you hit that comment button below to let me and the other readers know!

16 thoughts on “Monthly LightSwitch column in MSDN Magazine, and other “all things LightSwitch”…

  1. I’m deeply impressed about all the stuff you are handling simultaneously. Your head must be greater than mine 🙂 Anyway it’s really great how enthusiastic and interesting your are writing about LightSwitch.

    • Hey Uwe!
      Thanks for your kind words! If I’m not mistaken you’re a first-time commenter, so nice to meet you! 🙂
      How I handle all the stuff is easy: I have a split personality disorder, and all my mental characters live in different time zones… 😉

      Cya around!

    • Wow Jewel, are you serious? Every day I’m looking at you, Michael, Beth, John, Yann, Allessandro and so many others and think the same thing about all of you: “if only I could squeeze that much work in the same 24 hours”!
      Keep rocking LightSwitch as you have been doing lately! Together we can accomplish such great things with this great technology!!

  2. Hey Jan

    Excellent news… and I’m really glad everything works out for you. Any help you need… count on me!!

    Congratulations my friend. 🙂

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