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It’s been a busy couple of weeks again, so I thought I’d post a wrap-up of my LightSwitch life of the last couple of weeks…

First of all, as previously announced, I’m proud to say I have officially been given the honor of representing the LightSwitch hacker community in MSDN magazine.  So far, it’s been a great experience to work with such a professional crew, and I’m extremely satisfied with the result!  The first article – Leading LightSwitch: Consume a LightSwitch OData service from a Windows Phone application – is online as we speak, and I’m finalizing the second one with an in-dept explanation on the genius approach the LightSwitch team and architects took on MVVM, and how it enabled them to allow the developer to design the application at runtime.

Meanwhile, I updated my “about me” page.  My “wall of fame”, as I like to call it, now consumes a couple of feeds to show my latest posts, MSDN articles, tweets, …  If you follow the link, you’ll also notice that the page is located in the www.switchtory.com domain.  Finally, I have decided on a name for my little startup! 🙂

I have only spent one hour on the site so far, so don’t judge me on the content yet (although the design is kind of ready).  For anyone out there wondering, yes it does mean that I’m now officially available to help in your LightSwitch applications, extensions, or other LightSwitch projects you might need help or advice on.  Switchtory will also publish a first product soon, and I promise you it will blow your mind!  You’ll also understand why there’s no new updates on Extensions Made Easy, or why my LightSwitch Achievements posts have come to such an abrupt halt…

Busy days, but so much satisfaction!

Enough about me for the moment, let’s talk about you! How have you been doing?  Paul, Michael and myself were comparing LightSwitch demographics a couple of days ago, and it brings joy to my heart to see how our LightSwitch family is growing exponentially lately!  Thank god for my little twitter bot, @LightSwitchNews, to help keep track of all that’s happening in LightSwitch world!  I also added DotNetLore to the watch list, a new blogger of “LightSwitch hacker++” level! 🙂 If you are following the twitter-bot as well, and would like a particular source included in its watch list, feel free to tweet me or make a comment, and I will tell the gnomes that operate the bot to keep an eye out!

Keep rocking LS!

4 thoughts on “switchtory – turn on the innovation

    • Is Firmware your company, or are you talking about another company? 🙂 Feel free to share the link! 🙂
      Meeting up is a sure fact, it’s only a matter of when. Belgium is such a small country! 😉 I’ll buy the first beers!

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