POLL: what #LightSwitch session would you attend at CommunityDays?

O yes, thanks to Gill Cleeren, Community Days is the place to be in Belgium on June 21st, for the 6th time in a row! And what’s even better, at least one of the sessions will be a LightSwitch session, presented by yours truly.

I proposed two possible talks to Gill, and he just confirmed that at least one will definitely be on the agenda!  Which is awesome news, but also implies I have to prioritize.  Tell me, if you are / would be attending Community Days, which session would you prefer?

Visual Studio LightSwitch: Rise of the citizen developer (300)

Gartner reports that by 2014, citizen developers will build at least 25% of new business applications. With Visual Studio LightSwitch, Microsoft’s new kid on the block, they now have the tooling to meet the needs of today’s digital world – in the cloud, mobile and social. As professional software engineers, it is our responsibility to guide them through the more complex aspects of developing line-of-business applications. This session will teach you the LightSwitch advanced customization techniques you need to know to lead the citizen developers to glory, or to join their ranks and build applications faster than you could ever imagine.


Visual Studio LightSwitch: Under the hood (400)

Visual Studio LightSwitch is the fastest racing car on the line-of-business application track, you’ve seen it race, you’ve seen it win, maybe you even took it for a spin yourself. This session offers you a front row ticket to the pit stop, and give you a glimpse of what’s under the hood. Whether you’re interested in the race car’s metadata driven architecture, the DRY principle, code generation techniques, MEF, or how to add a new preset to the radio tuner, this is the session where you’ll get the exclusive insights you’re looking for.


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