Rumor has it… #LightSwitch 2012 (RC) will be available in a couple of hours…

God I sound like a gossip queen…

Last time I posted a “rumor has it” post, I was completely correct in my Sherlock-style assumptions, so let’s try again…  In that article, I speculated that VS 11 (beta) would be released 5 days later, and that it would include a new version of LightSwitch.  Five days later, VS 11 (beta) indeed went live, including the new version of LightSwitch, with the biggest surprise that LightSwitch apps are now built on top of the OData protocol, basically blowing them wide open…

Yesterday I read a post on CNET that Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Professional RC (Release Candidate) would be available somewhere on May 31st.

Now, for those that are still following the naming here, MS VS 2012 Professional RC should indeed be the “improved” version of MS VS 11 (beta), containing the RC candidate of LightSwitch 2012, the technology we all love and uses v2.0 of the LightSwitch framework v1.0, which was used by LightSwitch 2011, which was released less than a year ago as an out-of-band addiction to VS 2010, or as a stand-alone version.

In the line above, you’ll notice that I put “improved” in quotation marks.  In a normal release cycle, the Release Candidate does not include any significant changes from the beta, usually just contains bug fixes and perhaps some minor changes based on customer feedback.  However, the LightSwitch team already proved before, with the out-of-band release, that they aren’t shy to stray away from normal release cycles…

The team has been communicating SOOOO much lately, but always in a “read between the lines” or “listen between the lines” kind of way…  And then I read a tweet sent by our LightSwitch goddess this morning…

Really Beth?

A big surprise ending?  In a LightSwitch session?  On the same day VS 2012 professional RC is supposed to be released?

That’s it… I’m excited!  Whether it’s the HTML5 client support, use of the new Azure SDK, built-in reporting, or something totally different, my little toe is itching, which means it’ll be good… Really good!

3 thoughts on “Rumor has it… #LightSwitch 2012 (RC) will be available in a couple of hours…

  1. please give me html 5 support 🙂 Will you be giving us a run down? I could really do with knowing how to use MVC with the lightswitch back end 🙂

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