CodeSchool: taking my first baby steps in JQuery

Oh wait, have another blogworthy item before I call it a day…

I’m quite sure you’re just as excited as me about the new LightSwitch HTML client preview, but perhaps (again: just like myself) you’re a bit scared because you really never had an opportunity to really dive in this new HTML5, CSS3 or JQuery hype…

If this is the case, have a look at They have a really effective way of educating developers about new languages, technologies, etc that involves videos, slides, overviews, and exercises that you have to complete to earn badges and unlock the next level.  Warning: highly addictive, but very educational and effective!

Most of the courses require a subscription, however they have quite some freebies as well, like the “Basic JQuery” course that I decided to spend the rest of my evening with.

A big thanks to Arne Wauters for getting me hooked 🙂

And as always:

Keep rocking LS!

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