Switch… Off…

Being the number-geek that I am, I must admit I do check the stats of my own blog once in a while.  In less than one week, my blog will welcome its 100,000th visitor!  Wow!  What a nice early Christmas present. 🙂  If you would calculate that each visitor spends an average of 36 seconds viewing what he or she came here to see (I dunno really, just taking any number) this adds up to 3.6 million seconds or exactly 1 thousand hours of LightSwitch hacking fun.

It is my fullest intention that this is just the start of my contribution to the LightSwitch community, however, after one and a half hours of LightSwitch fun, its switch off for me (for a little while).  For the next 4 and a half weeks, I’m leaving my laptop in the closet and will be spending time with my lovely wife in search of sun and adventure in the south of Asia.  You can follow our adventure at our blog, http://EenReisjeInLaos-Cambodia.blogspot.com.  The blog is targeted at close friends and family, so it’s in Dutch but auto-translate + watching the pictures should give you an idea of how we’re doing, if you would be interested.

I know I have many posts in draft, comments left uncommented, and mails left unanswered, but right now it’s time to switch off my laptop, get a couple of hours of sleep, and fly towards the sun.

Meanwhile though… I wish you all a merry Christmas, happy New Year, and…

Keep rocking LS!


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