I’m going to do something, just because it’s really cool.

Again my blog is quiet…

Not because I’ve abandoned LightSwitch, on the contrary.  I’m still eating and breathing LightSwitch every spare second, and even have plans to quit my day job to focus more on LightSwitch evangelism & plain ol’ hacking (although I don’t know how I’ll make a living out of that yet, lol).

The problem is that I focus on the “why” first.  I haven’t written a single post about the HTML client at all, just because for some weird reason I believe such a blog post should start with explaining to people why tablets & smartphones are popular, why HTML & JavaScript is a good bet if you’re going to develop mobile apps, …

The truth is that (a) I suck at explaining the “why” and (b)  I focus on the “why” so much that I run out of time or energy by the time the intro is written.  And I have no less than 12 unfinished blog posts about the HTML client, IL weaving and DualDispatcherObjects to prove my point, lol.

So here’s the deal: until I’m better at it, each of my posts is going to start with “I’m going to do something, just because it’s really cool”, then go straight to the “how”.  If you read the “how”, and don’t see the “why” yourself, then just try to evaluate the coolness and leave it at that.  In the other case, you already know the “why”, and you’ll be glad I found the time to share the “how”. 🙂


Keep rocking LS!


6 thoughts on “I’m going to do something, just because it’s really cool.

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