Introducing app-stitch (beta)!

My hands are literally shaking as I can finally announce our new baby… the result of three years worth’ in Saturday mornings, a strategic partnership and a shiny new startup…

app-stitch baby

Yea baby!

If LightSwitch was designed to take 80% off your development time by removing the tedium involved with designing entities, queries and screens, app-stitch is designed to take another 80% out of your remaining 20% by allowing you to design your business logic!

app-stitch is a new extension that you can ‘plug’ into your LightSwitch server project (nuget).  Once installed, it adds a small web interface where you and your end users can ‘design’ your business rules at runtime…

Image 099

These business rules are active immediately, and can: change data when you create a new entity, send out emails when you update an entity, prevent a particular user group from deleting entities, turn an incoming sms/mms into a support ticket, check for permissions, audit changes, read files and turn them into new entities, create a QuickBooks invoice when a Paypal payment clears, turn that into a social media status and release the drones to deliver the package*,   and so, so, soooooo much more.

* Drones control is highly experimental, unstable and also not really existing. But our other channels are kickass!

If you have a minute or two, please pay a visit to our (unfinished) website, play around with our sample application (guide available), or check out our promotional video:

app-stitch is currently in beta (please join our beta program 😉 ), after which we’ll release it, initially only for Visual Studio LightSwitch!!!

(We do have other technologies/platform on our ambitious roadmap, as well as dozens of channels to increase the number of rules you can make!)

I really hope you’ll enjoy our crazy invention and support us as we help this baby grow!

Keep rocking LS!

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