New Syncfusion eBook: #LightSwitch mobile business apps Succinctly

Proud to present: Syncfusion’s newest addition to their Succinctly series: LightSwitch mobile bussines apps, written by yours truly.

Image 096


The first eBook I wrote for Syncfusion, LightSwitch succinctly, was a small introduction to LightSwitch’s designers, server, and desktop client (Silverlight).  I got some great feedback so when Syncfusion asked me (some time last year) to write a follow up, I was honored and anxious to get started. I was even more honored when I found out my technical reviewer was community champion Alessandro Del Sole!  (Thanks man!!)

This book picks up where the first one left off, describing some newer features like the DB projects and (of course) the HTML client.  I did some pretty advanced looking UI customizations, and was surprised myself in how easy the HTML client actually is to customize…

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did writing it!

Keep rocking LS!



6 thoughts on “New Syncfusion eBook: #LightSwitch mobile business apps Succinctly

  1. Hi Jan. Very helpful eBook – read it – did most of the exercises – came to “do it for real” and noticed at location 526 you state that the addDataListener API has already been added. I used the gender-color post-render technique without any of the other pre/post render actions described in that chapter, so I guess I didn’t actually load that API because I get no coloring at all, where I would at least have looked for the else background color.

    Is there a more verbose description where I should look to ensure that API is loaded, please?

    No build or execution error, BTW, and to make sure I had the right value.column I used the:
    var Issue = contentItem.value.
    so Intellisense would show me the element and the correctly capitalized element is in my code.

    Is there a better place to ask this kind of question, too?

    Thanks again for the book, it has caused me to jump back into LS after a year or more of “dumped it for lack of SQL View and Stored Procedure support”.


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