Summer is here! (And so is app-stitch)

Two weeks ago, summer has officially started. Time for cocktails, trips to the beach, and late night BBQs.
What’s that, you say, ‘too busy’? ‘Too much work to do’?
Man do we have great news for you…

Introducing app-stitch

app-stitch has been in beta for a while, and after ironing out some last bugs and making sure we have a streamlined support process, app-stitch is ready to help you design your business rules.
In case you need a quick reminder: app-stitch is a visually simple yet powerful way of designing business rules.
Whether you need to add some detailed auditing, check for a permission before allowing a user to create a new invoice, or send out an email at a certain time of the day, app-stitch is there to help!
Image 099

Available exclusively for Visual Studio LightSwitch (at the moment), app-stitch can be found at a very low launching price, only on
Not enough? Still too much work ahead?
Well I’m not sure what more you could want… Except perhaps, some kick-ass controls?

Introducing Blue Breeze Experience Suite

Our new suite for Visual Studio LightSwitch desktop applications starts off small with four grandiose and unique controls.

Super dynamic grid


Empower your end users by allowing them to customize your grids at runtime into unlimited personalized views.  Each view supports grouping, sorting, advanced filtering, adding additional columns, importing&exporting the data, and even printing.

Notes control


Stick digital post-its to any entity.  Notes come in many colors and can contain urls or links to files and pictures too.

Learn more artifacts

learn more

Sometimes a tooltip can’t really supply all the help your end users need. The learn more artifacts control allows you, at runtime, to create rich help artifacts with text, images and video, and then insert a link to the help artifact at any place in any screen.

Color picker

color picker

Over 16 million colors at your finger tips.

Introducing Blue Breeze Consulting Services

Let’s be honest, off-the-shelve controls and even a kick-ass generic event process won’t be able to do all the work you want to get done by the end of this year…
Have an exciting project that could benefit from years of LightSwitch and/or .Net expertise? Want an honest second opinion? Need some out-of-the-box-thinking brain power?

The team behind app-stitch is always looking for a new challenge, and would love to help you on your next quest.  On top of our own experience, we have assembled a panel of world-renowned LightSwitch and .Net experts to help us help you when and where it really matters.

Get in touch! First round of beer is on us.

Have a great summer!

The app-stitch team.


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