Forget P@ssw0rds, use phrases that motivate you!

It’s a good practice to change your passwords ever so often. If you’re working at a company with IT staff, they’ll probably force you to change your password every month. This is supposed to increase security, but in reality it decreases as people build a system for themselves to help remember what this month’s password was: J@n*05/2015

Since people change their password but not their own formula, changing password adds absolutely no increased security: even first graders can hack the current mutation given an earlier password.

So here’s the idea: stop using a fixed formula, but use phrases that motivate you!

Every month, pick one small goal for yourself. Just a small thing. Something you want to be better at, something you need to build up some courage to do so, something small you want to change. Then, motivate yourself by using that as a password. Since you’ll be typing it multiple times per day, you’ll motivate yourself to actually go do/change/forget/forgive it. It’s like your little personal life coach, whispering a single small goal you can accomplish this month, in your ear, multiple times per day.

Use this system for a year, and I promise you you’ll be happy you did. Here’s a couple to spark your inspiration:

… Yea, had to learn the hard way on that last one…

Feel free to inspire others too, share your favorite motivational password in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Forget P@ssw0rds, use phrases that motivate you!

  1. PS: if you insist on the fixed formula password, you can still make your passwords more useful by having them teach you something. For example, pick a language and change your password to something like Enero-1Uno. By repeating it multiple times per day, you’ll quickly teach yourself some basic Spanish.
    Or, there’s plenty of other things your passwords can teach you… Presidents (BenjaminFranklin1785-75), the metric system (1Mile=1.60km), …

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  3. The nomailbefore11am password probably shows that we share the opinion that starting to read your mail first thing in the morning totaly corrupts your planning for the day. I think it should be a global rule that mornings are for work and afternoons for communication!

    • Mails, waaaaayyyy to many mails, not good for an empty stomach!
      If I would get a penny for everything that corrupts my planning, I would be…
      Wait, that’s the exact opposite of how it works 😦

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