How to make Visual Studio always run as an administrator

There’s a gazillion reasons why you might want to run visual studio as an administrator.
Mine was when installing a Nuget package that tried to run a PowerShell script on install, and complained about the execution policy not being set correctly.
Normally, Nuget automatically sets the PowerShell execution policy for the Visual Studio process itself so that it can run any script. Which might be dangerous, but hey if we were shy of danger we’d be doing something boring like being racepilots and not something adventurous like being developers.What developer would run the same track twice, manually! The dullness…

Anyways, a process cannot set it’s own PowerShell execution policy if it’s not running as an administrator.
Long story short, not running as administrator === not automatically being able to run PowerShell install scripts.

Luckily, I was doing a coding session with a very bright partner of mine, and she told me this trick:
– press Windows+E and go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio XX.X\Common\IDE
– right click and hit: troubleshoot compatilibity
– let it detect issues for a bit…
– troubleshoot program
– click: “the program requires additional permissions”
– yes, save these settings

From now on, VS will always and forever run as an administrator!


1 thought on “How to make Visual Studio always run as an administrator

  1. Alternately, right-click on the VS shortcut–>select Properties–>select “Advanced…”–>select “Run as administrator”

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