Happy 4th anniversary!

Today I am meeting with a customer and he asked me how much LightSwitch experience I have. So I opened my blog’s dashboard, sorted the posts by ascending date, and there it was: my first post ever… Debugging your custom LightSwitch (Shell) Extension, dated July 27th, 2011. What a crazy coincidence, today, to the date, it’s been exactly 4 years since I transmitted my first words into the blog-o-sphere. Happy 4th anniversary guys ‘n guls!

3 thoughts on “Happy 4th anniversary!

  1. Hi Jan
    Congratulations and happy anniversary!
    I’m not far behind you but sadly LS SL being discontinued leaves a big hole in the C# server side of my live Azure SaaS that I’ve invested the better part of 3 years developing.
    I’m just downloading VS2015 and am hoping LS will at least still be there.
    If not, I will be very sorry to have invested so much time in a dead-end product.
    Any suggestions on going forward will be greatly appreciated.
    Best regards, Mark Runge.

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