Google search tip: excluding old web pages

When searching for anything IT related, google/Bing often return Stackoverflow and CodeProject pages that are old. Really old. Like 2008 old, which often is way too old to still be accurate.

Thankfully, Google has a very simple trick: using the ‘advanced search’ you can limit the search result to pages that have been created/updated in the last ‘hour’, ‘day’, ‘week’, etc. A fixed number of different options are available through the advanced search UI, but Google’s query string has all the power you need… Simply append &as_qdr=y2 to any search URL to limit the search to pages that have been created/updated in the last 2 year.
Possible values for the as_qdr query filter are:
– d(x), where (x) is the number of days, for example &as_qdr=d14
– w(x), where (x) is the number of weeks, for example &as_qdr=w8
– y(x), where (x) is the number of years, for example &as_qdr=y1

Ironically, I found this tip in a blog post from 2007

@Bing: Come on my friend, you’ll never win this way…

4 thoughts on “Google search tip: excluding old web pages

  1. Alternately, click on “Search Tools” in the Google menu bar, Select “Any Time” dropdown, and choose a more recent search period. Then, all subsequent searches on that page will be limited to that time period.

    Please blog on your Aurelia expertise if possible. The VS, Google, and LS blogs are not quite as useful.

    • Hey Allan!

      Ok, time is not my friend lately, but I am working on BIIIIGGG open source stuff that I’m sure you’ll love. I’ll try to wiggle in more time for aurelia lovin on my blog. Can’t promise to start big, but some small posts I can surely commit to!

      2015-08-19 15:18 GMT-05:00, Jan Van der Haegen's blog

      • Any useful tidbits gleaned from your participation in the Aurelia development team would be welcome, not necessarily whole-cloth projects. Aurelia is lately an antacid to the indigestion that is Angular2. As for any new B-I-G reveals I’ll keep posted. Anyway, as someone recently pointed out (, a ToDoes app is the most complicated app anyone can successfully complete before a newer and better JS framework appears on the scene.

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