Winter is coming…

Hey blogsters!

Does anyone else feel like this year just flew by? It’s December again, holy bleep!

Personally, it’s been a crazy busy year, especially since my last blog post. I’ve moved continents again, currently I’m living and working in Paris, France, on some of the sweetest tech I’ve ever tasted.

There’s a time to talk the talk, and there’s a time to walk the walk. This year’s been a slow blogging year, but only because I’ve been so busy walking the walk. One day, who knows when, I’d love to be back with a bunch of blog posts. Time will tell if those will be titled along the way of “The best 5 things to make your startup successful”, or “The 5 pitfalls to avoid on your way to success”… Hah!

Anyways, whether you read this post in 2015 or later, I hope you are all doing absolutely amazing!

merry force


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