LightSwitch extensions made easy

I finally finished the work in version 1.0 of my LightSwitch Extension: ExtensionsMadeEasy.  It’s a simple and open source extension that helps to create and install other LightSwitch extensions.

Installing the extension.

About the extension.

What it can do.
Supported extensions.
  • Shell extension
  • Theme extension

Change log.

Can be found here.

22 thoughts on “LightSwitch extensions made easy

  1. Dear janvanderhaegen

    I think this is not the right area to post my error report, so sorry in advance, but I didn’t find a board or smth else.
    I followed your instruction using LS extensions made easy there:

    Afterwards I created a new LS Project, changed my Shell & Theme in General Properties to EasyShell & EasyTheme. After making a new screen and debugged my project, an error occured:
    “The selected EasyShell could not find an IShellExporter and does not have a default implementation.”
    I hope you can help me and sorry again for posting here.

  2. hi Jan!
    i didnt know how else to ask so i would do it here, i have feature request! 🙂
    for ribbon menu global commands extension, i found that small image (or “use small button” option in screen designer) in ribbon menu can be very useful. you can stack 3 vertical (small) buttons next to big ones..
    specially if you have many buttons in ribbon, and monitor with smaller resolution.. can you maybe include it in your extension (if it is not too big job)? thanks in advance!


    • Hey Kivito,

      WordPress sends me an email each time someone posts a comment, so I did see your “feature request” on the UseSmallImage property as soon as you posted it 

      I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you earlier, but Sunday is family day (my wife would beat me if I did any LightSwitch on Sundays ) and on Monday I really intended to implement it but… I continued working on an entry for the LightSwitch CodeProject CodeStart contest, and lost track of time… LightSwitch is so addictive lol.

      Ah well, better to lose yourself in your passion than to lose your passion at all…

      I’ll update EME tonight and push it to the MSDN gallery. Let me know if it works for you, I’ll blog about it a bit later this week then… (Yes I’m abusing you as a Bèta-tester hehe)

  3. First off all, compliments for the great extension.

    EasyCommandGroup orders commands by description (this.commands.OrderBy((c) => (c.Description), new CompareStrings()))). An optional position property would be a good thing as the description is not always the desired ordering.

    I’ve modified this adding position to EasyCommandExporter and using
    foreach (EasyCommandExporter command in this.exports2.OrderBy((c) => c.Position)) in EasyCommandGroupProvider, but there are for sure other possibilities.

    • My God, it’s like you read my mind.
      I was also thinking that the alphabetic ordering was sufficient for consistent results, but when I implement the “UseSmallImage” property that Kivito requested, the developer might want fine-tuning as to the order of the commands so he can stack the “small” commands on top of eachother…
      Implementing this tonight.
      Thanks for your kind words on EME by the way. It’s a really small extension but helps me in my LightSwitch projects tremendously, I’m glad there are people who find it useful as well!

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  8. Hello

    I am looking at using this in my project and I am looking at a way of colouring the individual rows based on a value in the db. How can I bind the GridRowBackgroundBrush color value to a field in the db?

    • I’m sorry, I haven’t looked into this and currently don’t know. Although this is a common request, I’m sure someone already found a solution, or someone will find one soon 🙂
      If there is no “out of the box” support, I suppose you can easily create a custom SL control just for that grid / list…

      Keep rocking LS!


  9. Dear Jan Van der Haegen

    I previously coded with Visual studio and Visual FoxPro, now I started using ligtswitch for developing small applications (internal orders, travel expenses, etc.), and am having trouble grasping the concept of developing with lightswitch.

    I have some basic questions concerning coding and connecting with an SQL database (I have a felling that I’m doing it wrong 🙂 )

    Problem is I need to do allot of SQL updates and inserts and I dont understand how to do them in a simple, clean fashion (currently using stored procedures on server side, but the coding is quite messy).

    Any tips & tricks for a young developer would be greatly appreciated 🙂


  10. Hi Jan,

    At first, thank a lot for this nice extensions that really simply developer’s life !
    In my lightswitch project, I use EasyShell, EasyTheme & EasyCommand, and they work very well.
    I just have a small issue with EasyShell/Theme: I downloaded the source code of the cosmopolitan shell/theme and modified it a bit (like having the command bar on the top). I added a reference to Cosmopolitan.Client in my lightswitch project, set the shell & theme to EasyShell & EasyTheme and exported my custom cosmopolitan shell and theme by implementing exporter classes.
    My problem is that images contained in the cosmopolitan theme (like images of the buttons in the data grid command bar) are not shown in my lightswitch application, it still uses the default images of the standard theme.
    Is there any way to use the images contained in my custom cosmopolitan shell/theme ?



  11. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the great extension. Unfortunately I also have the same problem as Guillaume here. The images from the Cosmopolitan theme are not being used when I import the shell and theme/styles. What to do… what to do…

  12. Hi Jan,

    I was hoping to use EME in a new VS2013 based project. Unfortunately the extension will not install. Is there a timeline for release of a VS2013 version?

    Brilliant blog BTW!


  13. I am new to lightswitch, I have installed the extension and also have tried to use your reusable modal window, which i could not figure out how to use, does this extension allow me to make reusable modal windows, if so how ?

    please any help would be appreciated

    • Hey David,

      sorry to hear about all your issues trying to get modal windows up and running.
      EME in itself does not have any code that let’s you build out mobile windows. The code sample on my other blog post should guide you through all the steps, however there’s some hardcore development involved + there might be a couple of issues if you try to launch a dialog (for example: an entity picker) from within such a hacked modal screen.
      Honestly I’d advise you to try and see if you can redesign your workflow and not use modal screens :s


      • Jan,
        Thanks for the advice!
        If i could pick your brain, the reason i was trying to use the RMW, was that I have a list and details screen, and I want to create the ability to add an Item, but not have it show on the details screen , like the default add option does, only thing I can think of is to use a custom modal window, but even then all the data still shows on the details portion of that screen, anything that Im not seeing here or looking at ? any hints would be awsome…

        thanks again


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